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we ask ourselves sometimes. We are varyingly referred to as an organisation, a movement, a group… While each of these definitions would fit us, it does not capture the essence of what we are really —A Very Powerful Thought 5 years ago, the thought was powered by passion and little else. Since then, number of Philanthropists have contributed to our fight to protect Women from exploitation or other social ills. However, increasingly our work has moved from providing relief to women to ensuring the society developing. While this may sound like a mere play of words, it has fundamentally changed what we do and how we see ourselves. We played a big role in the Awareness Generation about HIV/AIDS in the recent years. All the District Collectors and Government Secretaries have registered their appreciations through Govt letters which we keep volumes in our records. This encourages us to move further in our endeavor of the social cause.

We are happy to report MAGAR STAR AIDS AND NATURAL SOCIAL SERVICE TRUST has been accepted and applauded by our various stakeholders, it has actually reflected in everything we ve done during the year. From project supporters working on the ground to Women, Educationists volunteers, media partners and donors, we have seen the beginning of transformational change take shape. Most of all, we ve seen our people walk with a new purpose, a spring in their step.

In 2009-17, almost 250 Villages in 16 initiatives across 3 Taluks of Vellore District in Tamil Nadu have benefited through our interventions and supports. In this report, you will read about some of the stories of the triumph and tribulations of our team and partners. You will also get to peek into the Intervention Approach that has shaped our work and make Women issue a priority for you.

More people like you are ready today, than ever before, to take a stand and support us for the development of Women irrespective of their class, caste, or other impediments. Our continuing investment in building a strong organization and pioneering work in the area of women and the society in general puts us at the forefront of a fight that has to be fought at various levels: On the ground to support communities in their struggle to obtain the sustained growth of as many women as possible.

Against haphazard development, industrial and otherwise, that steals livelihoods and starts the cycle of rights deprivation. And most of all, against the centuries-old mindsets that lead to discrimination based on caste and gender. In the end we would like to thank you for sharing our collective dream and contributing your time, money and thoughts towards its realization.

We also request you to keep MAGAR STAR AIDS AND NATURAL SOCIAL SERVICE TRUST in your minds and heartsand contribute to our cause whenever you can and in whatever way. We need every last rupee, every last drop of sweat and most importantly every last voice that speaks up for child rights.