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Programmes & Projects conducted during the year 2009-17

HIV/AIDS Awareness project

We started this year with a AIDS Awareness programme at the cost of Rs 12,440/-. It consists of AIDS Awareness, Health Support, Check up and treatment in the rural areas of Vellore District. This project was conducted between 16-04-2009 and 18-04-2009 in the villages around Arcot. Dr Eswaran M.B.B.S., presided and contributed his might to the success of this programme. We were able to reach around 1,200 people through this programme. Awareness films, cultural programmes, dances and songs are the highlights of this project.    

From 27th June 2009 EYE CAMPS were conducted at ---------------and other surrounding villages rendered best services to poor who have surprisingly being diagnosed diabetic. The rural population has become vulnerable to the Eye disease in the recent years. Vitamin deficiency, diabetes, the food habit, life style changes various ophthalmologic disorders for these innocent rural poor. Our intervention in this area has been divided into two parts namely diagnosis and support. Number of people were organized in camps to conduct eye tests. Support has been given to them through prescription, Health tips and medicines. Diet tips were also given to them. Around 700 people benefited in this project. Project Expenditure costs this Trust around Rs 11,200/-
EDUCATOIN Projects :

Commemorating the Anti Child Labour Day, we conducted an Rural Children Programme at ---------The village we have identified is at the outskirts of Katpadi once a land part of agriculture and now turned a real estate construction zone. This Rural Children Programme was novel and innovative in many aspects. We sensitized the children about Education, Child Labour, Family, Society and the support given by the Government exclusively for children. The format of the programme was in Street Dramas, Film Shows and Cultural programmes. The cost of the programme is Rs 6,150/-
Health Awareness Project :
We reached the people deprived of Health and Hygiene in the rural outskirts of Katpadi Taluk . The apathy of the people of this village is lack of awareness about health. Their food habits, health practices, consumption of alcohol and tobacco stored them lot many diseases in them and they are recklessly continuing all evil habits. Our programme in the form of Awareness Generation Camp created lot of awareness among them. Dr------ spent around 2 days with them to sensitise various health matters. They have been shown film shows to understand their health status. Diabetes and Hypertension check ups are conducted for the participants.
We conducted Adult Education Programme in----------- villages where adult literacy for behind the average. Our intervention in this issue is through the form of conducting classes consisting basic literacy, General Awareness and Support. There is always a need for women to know many things as most of them are illiterates. There day to day activities are confined only to cooking and manual labour. They do not know the schemes available for them, the benefits announced by the government and the procedures they have to follow to gain the fruits of various schemes. Our association targeted all general issues including a basic literacy for these women. Around 35 beneficiaries of this programme are now stand proved to read the letters in the buses, Boards and the Primary School books. They are proud that they can read letters in Tamil (Mother tongue) The cost of the programme was Rs 9,110/-