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Trustee Report for year 2009-17 :

Our March towards the Objectives of this organization is significant and our Mission worked well among the community in 2009-10. We have realized improvement in our Activities. The international Economic scenario and our domestic Economic Scenario forecasted a tough time for NGOs as the fund flows would be minimized as the Capitalist World was stormed by Economic Fall out. Truthfully, the capitalist world paid the price for their economic blunders and thus lost their opportunity to help the poor world. Many NGOs who run their organization realized a fall in their funding support due global economic melt. Many experts warned Indian Economist that the global melt would reflect on Indian economy too. But, the safe India pooh poohed the warning and walked with boldness with the strength of the strong Indian families who always afraid to borrow. This attitude of Indians protected them from global melting. But unfortunately the issues already existing in this country remained the same. While the Government continued to announce stimulant packages to suffering rich, NGOs like us continue our task of helping the needy in a different way. Thus we were able to increase the amount of our help during 2009-17 with the help of our donors who are unshaken.

I would like to conclude my Report with the following note:

The issues in the rural areas of Vellore District are swiftly moving from agriculture to the rapidly growing industries around. Leather, Garments and nearer Special Economic Zones as migrant labourers. The rate of their migration is leaving the rest of the people in various social issues. The lack of support by the migrants lead to the economic deprivation of the rest in the rural areas. They long for food and health. Education and Environment are the major concern of this section. The freebees by the Government have less influence in their permanent solution. Our organization intervened in many areas with its limited economic strength. I could rather say that the small size of our coffers prevented our journey in to the remote issues. We should not allow this state of affairs blaming our finance and certainly we should look into various channels for the augmentation of funds and grants. We should resolve to contact various Governmental and Non Governmental agencies for funds and grants. With this I conclude my Report with a hope that the future of our organization will provide a bright future for the rural mass looking forward to us. Thank you one and all.